You\'re so welcome

You're so welcome

I'm so glad you stopped by! Come on in and make yourself at home. Join my imagination and let me offer you a cup of tea and a cozy nook to settle in and chat. I love to share both the deep and the frivolous, as I'm thoroughly convinced both are necessary. I long to grasp everything God has for me and to grow so gracious that I'm oozing to give it all back. Some days he and I succeed; other days . . . well, we're working on it. Anyway, enjoy looking around, and consider me as a speaker for your upcoming event.

If you want to know in one blog post what my heart is all about, here you go. . . .

I'm so excited! Worldwide rights have been secured to publish The Daily God Book in Korean! Earlier this year rights were secured to publish an English version in Africa. Visit my Book Table to order it for the new year.

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Blessings and joy and peace and hope and all that heavenly stuff.

What I write about . . .

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Just-Dids and To-Dos

As you've noticed by now, Mornings with Jesus 2014 is available for order now through Guidepost Books. Right now I'm working on my devotions for Mornings with Jesus 2015 and should be done with those by mid-January 2014. It's a yearly project I love because the process keeps me constantly inspired, always discovering new insights into who Jesus was and is and how he speaks so presently to us today.

I'm also working on an inspiring book about heaven and the hope that those who know Jesus as Savior can look forward to. This one is due mid-February 2014, and I'll post more about this project in the next few months. You won't want to miss this one!

And . . . I've been writing prayers. Lots and lots of prayers for a third project that's been keeping me busy. I've thoroughly enjoyed letting my prayers overflow through the keyboard. I'll finish this up by December, and I'll let you know when this project hits the stores.

Other tidbits:

Hosted another Narimon jewelry party. Loving this organization that sells beautiful jewelry handmade by women and girls who have been rescued from Thailand's sex-trade industry.

Been writing and editing blog posts for women in ministry. Always inspiring to hear from other women about the this and thats of life. Check it out here. Here's an oldie but goodie on this blog about feeling off track and derailed . And "Look and see" another favorite post.

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GLOW (Go Light Our World)

God invented the giving heart, and I'm so thankful he did! The world is chocked full of needs waiting to be met, treasured people aching to be rescued. Narimon is an organization that I recently discovered, and it's got my heart! I hosted a jewelry party and got hooked, as did my guests. The products are unique and beautiful, and each one is tagged and signed by the woman who crafted it. Each necklace or bracelet or card I picked up had me praying for the sweet sister across the globe whose life is being transformed.

From the website: "Narimon jewelry and other products are handmade by women and girls in Thailand who either once were forced to sell their dignity, or by their situation were at high risk to do so. Now they not only have work, but they make something they can be proud of. They begin to understand, some for the first time, that they are valuable beyond measure.

"Narimon products are made with quality in mind, not charity. Each product is personally signed by its creator. When you buy a Narimon product, you know that you have helped a woman find her dignity."
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Simply Delightful

Things that make my heart smile . . .

Giving: Narimon and New Beginning Children's Homes. Love, love, love both these organizations that reach out to hearts and souls in desperate need of attention and healing.

Growing: I'm discovering a deeper heart for the depths of others' hearts. "Am I willing to pause in my busyness long enough to honor them for what they deal with, and maybe even feel a bit of it along with them?" See this quote source.

Shopping: I'm all over the treasure hunt of shoe sales here!

Setting: My current novel-in-progress is set in the Hudson Valley. So much fun discovering the gold mine of treasures there. Here's a bit of history from there. Discover more»

Because he said it better than I would.

“But our culture has constructed a fantastic and utterly fictitious rationale which allows us to cooperate with evil without confronting the reality of what we’re doing.”   Well said. More here. Be Sociable, Share!

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    When Your Child’s Heart Breaks

    Last night I left my son’s room after kissing him goodnight, walked downstairs, and quietly sobbed in my husband’s arms.     Several minutes later when my tears were spent for the time being, my husband asked for details. He knew I’d been up there longer than usual, and my grief was setting off alarms […]

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      A Response to the Response to World Vision’s Decision . . . Er, Retraction . . .

      Befuddled yet? If so, Satan says great! That’s right where he wants us. After all, if he can’t win us or blind us, then he will work hard to scramble us.   Case in point recently when many Christians were up in arms over World Vision’s policy change that allowed same-sex marriages to be recognized […]

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        Today is a big day. Today is my long-awaited first day to breathe deeply again. Unfortunately I’m having trouble stilling my thoughts.     In mid-February I finished a ten-month writing project (yay!) after balancing it with two others since last fall (phew!). For nearly a year I’ve been governed by meticulous time management, holding […]

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          Where Mercy and Truth Need to Meet

          A hot-button social issue close to my heart showed up on Facebook today. Here’s the link to a well-written article that calls it what it is. Abortion claims far, far too many victims–and the victims are not only the innocent children murdered.   The victims also include the hurting women and men who have fallen […]

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