About Me


My sweet family

I grew up in a quaint railroad town in Chicago’s western suburbs, just a few miles from Wheaton, where my husband, Steve, lived at the same time. Although we didn’t really grow up together, we sorta kinda did, and we’ve been growing together ever since we met again as adults. We’ve been married for a bunch of years now and have two children, Paxton and Calianne, who keep our minds and bodies hopping and our ears on overload, all the while filling our hearts with super fun joy. I am simply smitten with my beautiful family. We live in Arkansas, near the White River and Beaver Lake, between Walmart headquarters and the University of Arkansas—Woo Pig Sooie! (Gratuitous plug to impress my fellow Razorbacks down here.)


I love spring air, summer fruit, autumn scents, and snow that falls thick in huge flakes. I love runner’s high and improved sanity after a good workout (my family appreciates this too), eating healthy and cheating with cookies. I can’t get enough of decorating my home that I’m so thankful for and finding high-end bargains at pauper prices. I feel energized by learning and reading and gathering knowledge and growing in grace. I adore new nail colors and jewelry and love leaving those things off just as well (almost). I love, love, love family snuggles and adventures, traveling and then sleeping in my own bed. I love that every time I read the Bible or write about it, it holds endless new insights for the searcher. I love that Jesus died for me, but even more so that he died for those most precious to me and for those who live life not feeling precious to anyone (wow, I love that). I love that he WINS and he invites you and me to win with him for eternity. I love that he’s growing his big heart in mine and he gives grace even when mine acts like a stubborn bugger. And I love how his story of real love so closely connects with the dreams of our hearts.


Love a Good Story

My adoration for all things written goes back farther than I can recall. I emerged from the womb with bookmark-shaped birth announcements in hand and cut my teeth on worn volumes of the Happy Hollisters. The clincher hit about the time I began losing those baby teeth: I discovered Nancy Drew and there was no turning back—I was going to be a writer. My favorite way to escape the haze of a suburban Chicagoland summer was by heading to the library for an injection of River Heights, sporty roadsters, and chums Bess and George. Life was a story in progress, and I couldn’t wait to turn the page for the next adventure.


Those who share the passion know the excitement that bubbles inside at the discovery of the perfect blend of words to make an image leap off the page, invoke a tear, or nurture a smile. Writing and editing are in my blood; they are undeniable quests that fill each working hour with intrigue and purpose. To this day the scent of old bindings and well-worn pages is my favorite aromatherapy.


All stories have something in common: They teach us to dream and reach out for more than what’s easily visible to the eye. So here I am, living my dream every day. And I still can’t wait to turn the page to see what’s next.


Writing and Editing

I am the author of Navigating Route 20-Something (Harvest House 2008) and The Daily God Book (Tyndale House 2007), and the contributing author of Mornings with Jesus 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, due out in autumn 2014 (Guideposts Books). Other past writing projects include Becoming 2 and Becoming 2008 New Testaments, the Revolve 2007 New Testament, and the Revolve Devotional Bible (Thomas Nelson). Before my writing career truly began, I edited for several years after college at Tyndale House Publishers, where I learned the inside scoop about the publishing process. I loved it!


I also have experience in product development for ABA and CBA specialty markets; writing Bible study material and cover and marketing copy; managing manuscripts from the concept through publication stages; and editing fiction and nonfiction, juvenile Bibles, memoirs, and gift books. I graduated from Taylor University in Indiana in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in English writing and a mass communications minor. I have edited and written for several Christian publishing companies throughout the United States.

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